Get a USA-based virtual phone number

Get a USA-based virtual phone number

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Attributes of Lets Dial

Timely Call Management

  • Route your calls during business hours to the main call center
  • Send voicemails to an email after hours
  • Customize routing options for each day of the week
  • Select how many rings before calls are sent to voicemail
  • Keep your customers happy by always having someone available to answer their questions

 Accurate Detailing

  • Gain insights into your customer’s calling behavior
  • Better understand customer needs and want
  • Make more informed decisions about sales and marketing
  • With the help of Get a USA-based virtual phone number Improve overall customer service

 Call Tracking

  • Keep track of your calls for quality control or training purposes
  • Store recorded calls for later playback or download
  • Play back recordings to ensure that you are providing the best customer service possible
  • Archive important calls for future reference

USA Numbers at the most Reasonable Pricing

Low cost, transparent pricing

Variety of number options

All taxes included

No contracts; cancel anytime

USA Numbers with the best Call Quality

Wholesale VoIP Termination
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We provide numbers all over the USA

FAQ related to USA-based virtual phone number

  • A virtual number gives your business a local presence in countries worldwide.
  • A virtual number provides an efficient way to forward, redirect, and route calls without purchasing additional hardware. 
  • Virtual numbers are perfect for businesses with employees working remotely or businesses that have an international customer base. 
  • You can manage your calls however you’d like–whether forwarding them to a specific person or device, recording them, or playing a custom greeting.
  • Get a USA number in 60 seconds or less
  • Choose your rate and number format
  • Enjoy a no-obligation free trial
  • Forward calls to any phone worldwide
  • Get real-time call forwarding notifications
  • You can get a toll-free or local USA number for your business Create a more professional image for your company with a US phone number
  • Give customers an easy way to reach you, free of charge
  • Target specific areas in the US with our local numbers
  • Yes, you can get a specific number to your area code.
  • You can Choose a number that is easy for customers to remember
  • Get a number in the USA and Canada
  • port your current number over to us.
  • These numbers consist of 10 digits, Including a three-digit area code and a seven-digit number. 
  • It is divided into groups of three and four. 
  • For example, XXX-XXX-XXXX. If dialing internationally, then add USA’s country code +1 before dialing…

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More Local USA Numbers

  • 205 area code numbers give you a local presence in Alabama
  • Lets Dial is the most trusted forwarding provider
  • No set-up fees and monthly or pay-as-you-go plans give you flexibility
  • Forward your calls to any location around the world
  • Never miss another call, with global forwarding to your phone or PBX
  • Get a local Florida number for business or personal use
  • Easy activation in minutes and no set-up fees
  • Pay-as-you-go and anytime cancellation
  • Get a Texas virtual number in under 3 minutes

  • Fast set-up at no extra cost

  •  Pay-as-you-go packages with no long-term commitment

  • Forward your calls to home, office, or PBX anywhere in the world

  • Get a California virtual phone number in minutes
  • Forward calls to home, office, or PBX anywhere in the world
  • Receive calls in less than 3 minutes
  • No set-up fees and no obligation
  • Connect with your customers in the Big Apple
  • Cost-free set-up – get started in minutes
  • Advanced features and dedicated support team Toll Number
  • Online dashboard lets you manage your numbers efficiently Free Trial